Our desire is for children to understand Romans 3:23 'that the gift of grace is needed by all people. We want them to understand that we receive forgiveness through a prayer of repentance (turning away from our sins) and that we ask Jesus to be with us to guide our lives. We want to present this gift clearly, relevantly and age appropriately. Read More

    We want our kids' faith to change them from the inside out - not because of a bunch of rules but because they want to. Growth follows grace, just as living a Christ-centered life follows actually accepting Christ. A life that's lived more and more in Christ is apparent to others, so we celebrate when we hear stories from parents and teachers about changed lives. Read More

    Kids thrive in small groups because it's a safe environment for spiritual growth and CONNECTING WITH ONE ANOTHER. Children who are part of a small group are certain to better navigate the challenges of life they now face, as well as those that are ahead. Therefore, small groups are intentionally planned throughout HiZhouse to help us accomplish our mission. Read More

    All Christians are given spiritual gifts that they are expected to use in the work of a local body of believers (I Cor. 12). However, to some there may appear three ways to use a gift; preach, sing in the choir, or teach a community group. We want to offer opportunities for kids to explore different gift areas and to observe adults in the church body model the use of their gifts. Our desire is for kids to eagerly anticipate; wonder how God is going to use me?” or thinks, “Maybe one day I’ll get to ___________”! Read More

    In a world that encourages materialism and applauds debt we want kids to understand that everything we have belongs to God. Even though most children don’t have a lot of money or stuff to manage yet, good stewardship applies to a commodity they do have time. We believe children can learn that even small investments can IMPACT OUR WORLD FOR THE GOOD. Read More
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HiZhouse Children's Ministry

We’re so excited that you are interested in HiZhouse, the Children’s Ministry at First Baptist Church, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our program offers nursery for infants and toddlers as well as classes for preschool-age and elementary school-age children.  We use music, stories, puppets, crafts, and video to communicate the powerful message of God’s Word each week. 

Here’s how we can help you with your child’s spiritual development: 

Sunday, 9 AM

Pre-school and Elementary go through the Bible sequentially - story by story. 

Sunday, TEN30

Preschool - Repeats 9 AM story with a new look and fresh crafts.

Elementary - Learns character training through study and application of Bible stories. 

HiZhouse focuses on adding the fun and excitement to your child’s church experience while continuing in the church’s mission of meeting God, connecting with others, and learning to impact the world for the good. 

Built Just For Kids

HiZhouse is a special place that’s built just for kids.

As soon as you enter you’ll see what we mean:

  • Exciting and creative environments, designed to be fun and capture your child’s imagination.
  • Great games, funny videos and music your kids will love.
  • Innovative teaching methods that get kids actively involved in what they are learning.
  • Awesome volunteers who care about helping kids build a strong spiritual foundation.

We work hard to make sure that HiZhouse is a place where kids will want to be.

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Our Mission

HiZhouse Children's Ministry exists to help children experience God's gift of life in Jesus. We invite children into a dynamic Christian gathering to...

  • Meet God
  • Connect with one another
  • Embrace opportunities to impact our world for the good

Our Purpose

 HiZhouse seeks to accomplish our mission through 5 Gs:

  • Grace
  • Growth
  • Groups
  • Gifts
  • Good Stewardship